Why (and how) we’ve switched away from Google Maps

Egy újabb érdekes lépés az “open” irányba, Nestoria weblap:

this week we went live with a significant change to our service – in most countries we’ve moved away from Google maps and are now relying exclusively on OpenStreetMap maps


Unfortunately Google’s sales process was not good. Having agreed to a time for a call, the sales rep missed the appointment with no warning, instead calling me 45 minutes late. It was quickly obvious he had done no research whatsoever about our service, what we do, or even where (in which countries) we do it. He was unable to explain the basics of the new charging regime – for example, what exactly is a “map-view”, telling me instead to “ask your developers”. Finally he quoted a price to continue using Google Maps (just on nestoria.co.uk, one of eight countries we operate in) that would have bankrupted our company.

Régóta létezik az OSM, de érdemes fölérakni a Leaflet-et. Mint végfelhasználót nem érint különösebben a kérdés, viszont aki üzleti szinten üzemeltet Google Mapst, már biztosan belefutott az ár kérdésbe. (A kellemetlen sales élmény számomra nem érdekes, mindenhol előfordul az ilyesmi.)