Safari 6.1 prerelease

Kaptam egy formalevelet ma reggel az Apple-től, hogy letölthető a Safari 6.1 prerelease fejlesztőknek. Ez gondolom majd 10.8.5-tel érkezik mindenki számára, viszont cool, hogy feltehetem előbb is. Feltettem, “feels snappier“. Van benne néhány látványos újítás:

This pre-release version of Safari includes WebKit enhancements for better text, layout, and accessibility support. It also includes a redesigned Web Inspector with a streamlined toolbar, a new Activity Viewer, and other great tools for building and debugging your website. (…) Safari 6.1 has a new Sidebar with Shared Links, which displays links posted by people you follow on Twitter. Your Bookmarks and Reading List are also streamlined into the Sidebar for easy management and browsing. Top Sites has a new look and is even simpler to customize.

A teljes seed note itt, ebből:

Toggle pseudo-states for your elements to easily test and tweak your hover, active, and focus style rules.