A legszarabb projekt, amin valaha dolgoztam

Mark Dominus:

One of my early clients was Prudential, which is a large life insurance, real estate, and financial services conglomerate based in Newark, New Jersey—another fine example of a large company that actually turned out to be a bunch of medium-sized companies sharing a single building. I did a number of projects for them, one of which was to produce an online directory of Prudential-affiliated real estate brokers. I’m sure everyone is familiar with this sort of thing by now. The idea was that you would visit a form on their web site, put in your zip code or town name, and it would extract the nearby brokers from a database and present them to you on a web page, ordered by distance.

Érdektelenül indul az egész, de annyira megkapóan csodálatos és életszerű, egyszersmind tankönyvi olvasmány, hogy mindenképpen itt a helye. El kell olvasni.