Amerikai kalandok magyarban

Seth Kugel kalandjai Mezőberényben:

There were a few restaurants, a few stores, an ornate old town hall and, even lovelier, a more subdued neo-Classical building, the Bereny Szallo. I headed through the arched doorway, only to find a hallway without a reception desk. I did, however, find two young men drinking beers, a somewhat notable activity considering it was not yet 7 a.m. They spoke English, and sought out an employee who helped me arrange a room; the cost per night was 3,500 forints, an absurdly low $14.75 at 236 forints to the dollar.

To my surprise, the men were visitors like me. “We’re from Budapest,” one said. “We’re here to go to a pig killing.”

Meglepően szórakoztató és érdekes. Pig killingre én is megyek, február végén, Izsákra!

/via @geritwo