Looking for a $10,000 luxury watch? Don’t buy the Apple Watch Edition

Benjamin Clymer, HODINKEE:

With Apple Watch, the price differentiation between the entry-level Sport at $349, the standard Apple Watch at $549, and the Edition at $10,000 is about perceived value — what materials are used in the case, bracelet, and straps, but also how much people believe they should be paying for the product. In addition to perceived value, mechanical watches are also priced by human value: how much of the work is done by hand (in many cases using 200-year-old methods). For example, a watchmaker named Philippe Dufour makes just 12 watches per year, alone in his one-room atelier in the mountains of Switzerland. A simple, time-only piece can cost $100,000.

Érdemes megnézni még Philippe Dufourral készített rövidfilmet is:

Van olyan érdekes, mint az Apple Watch. 😉