My rocky first 24hrs with the Apple ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ

Matt Haughey:

I put on my $160 Hoka One One shoes and my $130 Backbeat FIT bluetooth headphones and strapped my $500 iPhone 6+ to my upper arm before putting my $350 watch on my wrist to track a 2 mile run. I launched two apps: Apple’s default exercise app — after telling it I was doing an Outdoor Run, it began a countdown and told me when to start running — and then Strava, my favorite third-party exercise tracker that uses your phone to determine when you are actually moving and didn’t start timing until I was actually running.

És még:

My favorite unknown feature was the Apple Activity app informing me halfway into a movie with a forceful haptic jolt and message demanding I needed to stand for one minute out of every hour to remain healthy and I should do so right now because I hadn’t stopped sitting since the movie began.