So this is it.

I’m switching the primary language on this blog to English. I wanted to do this for a long time, and now I’m ready to pull the plug and just go with it. I’d wanted to make a completely new WordPress site in English, I’d wanted to start posting over on Medium in English – nothing worked. This will work. 🙂

Over time I’ll fully change everything on the blog chrome from Hungarian to English, start new tags, but the old posts will still be accessible in Hungarian. I might as well write Hungarian posts later on, but don’t take it for granted.

Why switch to English? Because I like to experiment. At work, both at Prezi and previously at EPAM, I had to communicate in English, so this won’t be a huge change in direction for me. Better yet, some of my colleagues will finally be able to know wtf I’m posting about. 🙂 I’d like to assume they do care!

What about the .hu domain and brand? Good question. If this experiment will prove to be sustainable, “Plastik media” as a name on a Hungarian domain will be deprecated. I have some ideas where to go next, but at this present moment everything is just too far away.

I’m going to apply this to my social presence as well. I’m only active on Twitter, so I’ll try to post and reblog in English from now on. What if someone asks something from me in Hungarian, will I respond in English? I’d be a tool if I did that, so I won’t. Again, these are recommendations and a completely new experiment that I’m trying.

There will be sacrifices, obviously. I have a couple of post ideas that would’ve worked in Hungarian much better, or topics that are intended for the Hungarian audience. As I said, I might do a couple of posts in Hungarian later on, but now I feel like I need to explore this space a little further.