Final Fantasy VII is out on the App Store

Mac Rumors:

Square Enix released a long-awaited port of Final Fantasy VII for iOS devices. (…) The iOS port of the game includes a virtual on-screen controller that’s “designed not to obscure the action.” It offers virtual analog or fixed 4-way digital control pad options and the opacity of the on-screen controls is adjustable. Also new to the iOS version of the game is an option to turn off enemy encounters in area maps and a Max Stats command to “become all-powerful in the blink of an eye.”

This game came out in 1997 and was an all time favorite of mine. Played with the PC port. Never really finished it, got stuck after the first CD. Back then jRPG’s made you to level up extensively in order to be able to beat certain bosses. Problem is, nothing told you that and I thought I’m stuck there forever. So I’m looking forward to this port although touch controls, meh. But here is the kicker:

Final Fantasy VII is compatible with the iPhone 5s or later, the third-generation iPad or later, and the iPad mini 2 or later

Nothing in my posession is able to play that. 🙂

I might as well just wait for the “finally announced” remake which was finally announced this E3:

Rendered videos, cheesy “Spirits Within” aesthetics, what else could I wish for?