Slack fixes

In the Slack iOS client the swipe left and right always brought up a contextual menu. If you swiped from the left edge you’d get the channel/user list, if you swiped from the right, you’d see the Slack menu.

For some time these were not real drags, but programmed swipes that didn’t follow your finger, you just triggered the event and it slid automatically. And those times sucked, it always felt like a robot massaging me. Then they changed it and now it’s a real drag with real feedback. I had this issue and it was fixed.

Then, for teams you’re admin in, they introduced an “Invite” feature. This menu option, however, appeared on the very bottom of the menu, where usually the highly important “Switch Teams” was. So in teams you’re not admin in, you’d get the switch at the bottom, in teams you’re admin in, the invite. When checking up on teams, it was very confusing since you always had to pay attention where to tap, the previous “just tap the bottom menu item” didn’t work.

And now it’s also been fixed. I love Slack.