Kings of Kong

Do you remember the awesome documentary from 2007 “King of Kong“? If you hadn’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. Turns out the film started a resurgence in the game and people started to score more points than Mitchell and Wiebe. Here is a good overview on the progression of the high scores since the films release.

What is interesting is that both Mitchell and Wiebe back then held their progression in the game a trade secret. They’d tape their game and send it to Twin Galaxies’ Walter Day to verify their scores. The reason for this was to avoid other players to rack up more scores and to not release secret tactics. You can find leaked versions online, but that’s not the point.

The point is that the internet has since proven that by open sourcing the gameplay you can actually get even higher scores, because everyone chips in to the knowledge base. David Goldenberg:

Now, anyone who wants to be competitive for the record has to be embedded in Donkey Kong Forum, or else they won’t learn the point-grinding strategies needed to chase glory. Saglio points out that Wiebe still is interested in the game and plays regularly but has handicapped himself by never getting involved with the community. “He fell behind,” Saglio said. “He’s no longer capable of challenging for the record.”

Dean Saglio is the current record holder, but he is playing in an emulator. Nonetheless, he has been able to make 1,206,800 points. (Breaking 1 million points was a big deal in the movie.) The teoretical maximum for the game is 1,265,000 points which takes into account the random number generator as well, and if true, is considered the perfect score.