Daffy Duck – And The Great Paint Caper

The famous English developer duo Ash+Dave originally developed the Daffy Duck Paint Caper game C64 port in 1992. It was to be published by Hi-Tec, but unfortunately shortly after a review copy of the C64 version sent out to Zzap, Hi-Tec went bankrupt and the game didn’t see a release.

Click for the high resolution scan

Games that werent (GTW) website started a hunt for the game, not only to preserve the game, but because it was rated 94% in Zzap. The game featured excellent graphics, super gameplay, easily one of the last great games of the platform.

GTW contacted Ash+Dave (Ashley Routledge and Dave Saunders) and after some miscommunication GTW got hold all of their original disks. Turns out the original source files and artwork were still there (without an exe of course). GTW:

Martin Pugh was now tasked with the painstaking process of trying to make sense of the source files – but amazingly within only a few hours, Martin was running Level 1 from the game via 486 emulation. (…) A few hours later, we were seeing Levels 1-7 all up and running for the first time in almost 25 years, and a huge sense of relief was felt that the game was finally saved. There was still plenty to do however, and a lot of head banging ensured to stitch everything together properly into a complete game with its multiload, intro sequence and end sequence.

The game eventually got faithfully restored and now is available for everyone to download and enjoy! If you don’t want to download a C64 emulator just to see what this game is, here is someone playing it: