The future of the TV

John Gruber:

The MLB At Bat demo during the event was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Not just because I’m baseball fan, but because it presented a revolutionary way to watch live events, period. I think Apple TV might be the most disruptive product from Apple since the iPhone. Not the most lucrative, necessarily, but the most disruptive — in the sense of defining how all TVs will work in a few years.

Funny, because I thought the same thing with one difference: I’m not even a baseball fan. Here is the relevant portion from the keynote:

Seems like an innocuous screenshot from a television broadcast, right? At some point the channel might overlay some more information on top of it:

But then, since you’re in a baseball app, press a button on your controller and there you go:

The television experience is just a video streaming container within the app. Which is what it should have been all along. Tim Cook said this is the future of television. Makes complete sense. And not just for sports, for traditional programming, films and TV shows as well.