Super Mario Maker – well

Michael Thomsen, Washington Post:

“Super Mario Maker” is a bad comedy. Released in coordination with the 30-year anniversary of “Super Mario Bros.,” it indulges players in the fantasy that they’d be good at making video game levels. This sort of self-deception has become common in the age of digital consumption, and while there’s something utopian in “Super Mario Maker’s” appeals to community participation and sharing, the game quickly collapses into a scratch sheet of horrible ideas and levels you’ll regret having played. It’s a tool for the mass production of cultural refuse, single-use distractions that fail to replicate the spirit of the original.

Based on my short endeavour with the game I tend to agree with this. Most high rated user levels just butcher the finesse of the originals and makes you wonder how much testing and craft’d gone into the originals in comparison. Even the top rated user made levels are ugly, lame and feels like out of place.

Other than that, the game, the onboarding, the help-experience with all the codes made me cry in awe. There are 4 digit codes in the booklet that you can enter in the help menu, and you’ll get to see different gameplay videos and elements sharing ideas and showing concepts. It is so well done. But Nintendo, just like Facebook with Paper, made the false assumption that user generated content is beatiful.

If you want to enjoy Nintendo “sample” levels, just try hitting the 10 Mario challenge and you’ll get to play through the levels in blocks of eight. The first set is always the same and then it gets random. There are 68 official levels in the game. They are all very good and fun to play giving a nice twist to the game concept.