Daring Fireball on the new iPhones

John Gruber sheds light on some fine details of the new iPhones. First the Trackpad Mode:

Press on the keyboard and it turns into a trackpad. iPads running iOS 9 can trigger this trackpad mode, too, with a two-finger swipe on the keyboard. Doing it with a single finger on the iPhone, though, is a tremendous boon to text editing. This might be the single best new feature for text editing on the iPhone since the addition of selection and copy-paste in iOS 3 in 2009. In addition to moving the insertion point around, you can press again and switch to selection mode — like double-clicking the mouse pointer on a Mac. Trackpad mode is a once-you’ve-used-it-you-can’t-go-back addition to iOS.

Here is it in motion. On peek/pop:

[y]ou can drag a message up to get an activity sheet with additional actions, like Reply, Forward, Notify Me, and more. (…) Once you get used to it, peek/pop is as intuitive as the shutter button on a camera, where you can press halfway to engage autofocus and set the exposure, and press the rest of the way to take a picture.

On the new Touch ID:

[t]he new Touch ID sensor as “up to 2× faster”. They’re underselling it. It’s so fast now that every single time I press it, it unlocks the phone, no matter how brief the contact is between my finger and the sensor.

And finally:

It is stronger, more noticeable, and in my opinion more pleasing than any previous iPhone vibrator.

This sentence could’ve been so much better without the word “iPhone”.