The mistery of the disappearing song in My Music

Hey, happy Apple Music subscriber here. I noticed an interesting thing today. Here is a list of “My Music” sorted by date added. (I find this a very convenient way to re-listen songs which I’d found interesting.) Anyway, here is a portion of My Music on the Mac:

Turns out I wanted to listen to Two weeks by FKA twigs on my phone. Here is what I saw:

The song was missing. Everything was there but this. I checked if I was logged in the same iTunes Stores etc, but the solution was much simple: the Two weeks song was classified as “Explicit” by the Store and the default behaviour on the iPhone is to not show explicit content.

To change this go to: System Settings – General – Restrictions, enter a 4 digit PIN, write down the PIN, then enter “Music, Podcasts & News” section and turn it on. The second I did this, the song appeared.

update: I was told Explicit might not be on by default.