Super Mario Advance 4’s e-Reader Levels Get Resurrected Thanks To Super Mario Maker


When Nintendo launched Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Game Boy Advance under the rather misleading title Super Mario Advance 4, it included 30 secret stages – all falling under the banner “World-e” – which could only be unlocked by using the optional e-Reader accessory and a set of special cards.

Given that both of these elements were quite hard to get hold of even at the time of release, not many people got to experience these stages – but thankfully that has now changed as fans Baddboy78 and theycallmeshaky have painstakingly replicated the levels in Super Mario Maker.

I slowly get to see the real value in this game. Here is a good introduction what “World-e” meant in SMA4. There is a level which is super rare to get, even in SMA4: you needed to live in Japan, you needed this card reader thing and you had to actually go into selected stores to get the card and “unlock” the level in your game. This is the “B Dash de Kakenukero!” and it’s pretty hillarious!