New stuff in Sketch 3.4

The update is finally out. Here are the parts from the changelog that caught my attention:

You can now create a quick mask for a selected bitmap just by clicking the Mask button in the toolbar

I thought maybe you can apply a gradient to the mask only, which then will result in fade effect, but that didn’t work. 🙁 Am I missing something?

– Measuring distances between layers now also works with ⌘ (Command) to drill down into groups
– You can now Option-hover layers in the Layer List to measure distances between it and the selected layer

This is very cool, measurement got better.

– Improved Background Blur rendering
– Background-blurred layers no longer have white edges

Better but at the edges it still gets halo.

– Added the ability to drag embedded SVG images directly from the browser into Sketch
– Scrollbar in the layer list no longer obscures the hide/lock icons
– New gradients are now based on the current fill colour
– The Color Picker correctly highlights identical colors among the presets


In 3.4 when the color picker is selected you cannot zoom the canvas any more. Which is better than what it used to be, because previously it completely fucked up the zooming.

Also they made improvements to the hierarchy drag and drop. This time we have an Apple Mail-like visual clue where the drop will happen.

As a user of the software I think these tweaks made it better, but I’m interested in their longer term plans, especially what they think of prototyping interactions or designing with constraints.