John Frusciante is back

John Frusciante:

I now have a Bandcamp page and a Soundcloud page and have put up a bunch of unreleased music of my past. My own name has been taken by several people, so one is called and the other is called


This music is all free of cost to the public, and can be downloaded or streamed on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. With the exception of Zone, this is all music which was made purely for the sake of making music, rather than for having it released and thereby sold. In other words, Zone is the only song which was intended to be on a record.

When someone releases music on a label, they are selling it, not giving it. Art is a matter of giving. If I sing my friend a song, it goes from me to her, at no cost. That’s giving.

And now we’ve been given a couple of songs. I’m a huge fan of his solo work, with the Empyrean leading my personal play-count chart. I’ve come to like Letur-Lefr and PBX, too, no matter if they were weird next level shit. It’ll be interesting to listen to this unreleased work, I’m sure I’ll be able to connect. Frusciante is, and has always been, a true artist.