Apple Smart Battery case is good, embrace it

The internet has gone all out on the announced Apple Smart Battery Case, but I, for one, am welcoming towards the “lump”. The design is a clear indication that you hold extra battery in your palm. If I was in a need for some extra juice, I’d buy this. Wired has tested it:

There are no indicator lights that show the case’s battery, and no on/off switch that will initiate charge, instead the case acts like it’s part of your battery. If you put your phone in the case when it has less than 100 percent, the case will start to charge it. When the case’s battery is gone, your iPhone will use its own battery. How do you know what percentage the case is at? Pull down the Notification Center and an icon will appear near the top telling you how much juice is left in your phone and case. It’s a cool little detail that shows off Apple’s inter-device compatibility, but it’s also the only way you can gauge the case’s battery. The case has a Lightning port for charging, which means you can plug in your iPhone in its case and charge both at the same time. This adds to the illusion that your case becomes one with your iPhone, and you never have to take it off.

This is all good and that’s how I’d have designed it.

[t]he performance of the case isn’t that great. The 1,877 mAh battery won’t even give you a full charge from zero percent.

A recurring element is that a case that doesn’t provide a full charge is shit. Come on. Do we really need to get into the same arguments over and over again when Apple releases something?

Here is someone from Reddit:

Form of function = complains
Function over form = complains
Steve Jobs alive = complains
Steve Jobs dead = complains
Apple makes an Android app = losing sales
Apple doesn’t make an Android app = assholes
Apple starts iPad Pro at 32GB = why no 16GB option
iPad gets split screen = copied Microsoft
iPad doesnt have split screen = stuck in 2008

The smart battery case was never meant to fully charge your phone. It’s a battery extension for your phone where the lump seamlessly integrates with your phone, giving you the extra battery. It’s an official gadget, integrates with your notification center, in true Apple style hides as many technical details as possible, and THAT IS IT.

Design is good.

Product is solid.

Jony Ive is the man.