60 minutes – Inside Apple

It’s very hard to resist the urge to go to an Apple Store and just buy something after seeing this – marketing? – video. I mean, how could you make a segment of the worlds number 1 business who is full of secrets without the accusation that it was just marketing and working our brains that they’re something special and noone else out there is? There isn’t much to learn, but it is good entertainment and builds the myth properly.

A couple of things I liked. First, you get to see Ive’s designers. Although for just a couple of cutaway shots, but they’re there, pretending they’re doing actual job. Then here are two sketches of what seems to had been designed by Ive himself (or at least this is how I understood):

“This is still Steve’s company” – Cook made me feel happy.

Charlie Rose is very professional when it comes to his craft of talking to people and I think he was in a position where he could press Cook on several fronts. He immediately recognizes when someone is trying to talk around what he is trying to know, he knows how to cut in to Cook, it’s all very good. This is not to say we get to know trade secrets, but it was entertaining to watch.

Here is a question asked from Cook that was the most subtle thing I’ve ever heard:

“How hard is it to say, Apple will be in the car business?”

Even Cook smiled on the elegance. My interpretation is that they’re in the car business. At the end, visiting the new campus, Ive was wearing a white construction workers hat with a gray Apple logo on it and concluded the segment, when asked, that his office will be on the top floor.

If you’re interested in seeing the segment, here is a pointer where to go to download.