Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Has the spoiler-alert threshold been passed? If yes, here is a Force Awakens review by Matt Drance:

The plot is a lazy, messy recreation of A New Hope: stuff hidden in a droid; wistful hero in the desert; Millennium Falcon; setpiece; genocide; setpiece; sneaky base infiltration; trench run; lightsabers; explosion. There are countless on-the-nose moments typical of an Abrams film. One particularly silly scene, where the old and new Death Stars are compared side-by-side, is betrayed by a preceding trailer for Independence Day 2, which features Jeff Goldblum achingly declaring “That is definitely… bigger than the last one.”

These were the bad parts. Then he goes to write about the good ones, too.

Me? I watched the movie and I really liked it. I could pick on things, but I’m just going to write this: it was good cinema.