Can Mike Hearn kill Bitcoin?

Given the recent outburst and leave from Mike Hearn, here is a post of a sage, Gavin Andersen, who stays strong and remains the Chief Scientist of Bitcoin:

Clever engineers will find ways to work around around the limit, whether that is ‘extension blocks’ or the lightning network or a sidechain that everybody moves their coins to doesn’t really matter. I’d prefer a nice, simple, clean solution, but I’m old enough to know that most of the world’s great technologies are built on top of horrifying piles of legacy cruft, and they work just fine pretty much all of the time.

After banned from Reddit, Hearn has joined a consortium of banks. What a tool. Stepping back, the whole stunt was only good for helping the concept survive. This was a good call and people now will work together and solve the problems. But first some blood will be shed.