Adventures with my laptop


Apple has updated its vintage and obsolete products list with three new products: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010), MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010), and Xserve (Early 2009).

This means that these computers won’t get much hardware love from Apple. On the software side El Capitan can be installed on MacBook Pro’s as far back as Mid/Late 2007. These machines are more than 7 years of age. Since I have a fine MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011) model, I might run out on hardware parts soon, but I’ll be eligible for software updates for many, many years. This is good, because I plan to replace this fine computer when I won’t receive software updates any more. Here is a complete list on obsolete and vintage Apple hardware.

There is an interesting aside to my MacBook Pro, though. From this support article:

Apple has determined that a small percentage of MacBook Pro systems may exhibit distorted video, no video, or unexpected system restarts. These MacBook Pro systems were sold between February 2011 and December 2013. Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will repair affected MacBook Pro systems, free of charge.

Guess what, my computer is affected in all three problems, reproducing the secondary display black screen is the most easiest. I tried this two times at the office already, and the secondary display simply doesn’t work. Today I went to the Apple Store, but I can’t just go in there and have repairs, I need to book an appointment. Took some drooling looks at the gold Apple Watches before I left.

It will be interesting to see if I get free parts for this 5 year old machine, and for how many days will I need to go on without my laptop. That is probably the worst part, since I don’t have a secondary Mac at hand (this is my secondary laptop after all). For the curious, I haven’t received the company Mac yet, and if it’s up to me, I won’t, until the new Skylake Retina MacBook Pros are updated later this year.

update 03/12: went to the store, test ran fine, took drooling looks at the gold watches on my way out.