The REAL reason Slack became a billion dollar company

Satya van Heummen:

“Yeah the power of slack is that if you don’t follow it all then time you’ve lost the conversation. So just Slack 24/7 and you’ll be fine :-D” / And then it hit me. This is what drives Slacks’ success. Because if you don’t follow Slack all the time you do not and cannot take part in the conversation with your team members anymore.

When it comes to team communication I’ve been using Slack for something like 2 years now and this is an adequate summary. Slack has completely changed the way we communicate within the team, email has been reduced to basically nothing.

If you have an active stream, it’s very easy to miss important messages, especially when you’re not directly @ referenced in the conversation. I try to read everything, it’s become my No.1 Twitter. I definitely pay more attention to @ mentions (but @here and @channel should have a different notification, they’re certainly less important than direct mentions).

I still think it’s way better than email. Emails are like regular postal mails with the additional benefit of immediate replies. I’m also a proponent of transparency within the team: even if you have something to discuss with someone, it’s way better to do it in one of the channels than in private messages. I’ve had experience in both styles and the pros clearly outweigh the cons.