Don’t fake it, do it correctly – in 64 kilobytes

I’ve long lost interest in the PC demoscene, but with the release of “Fermi Paradox” by Mercury (YouTube link – the executable code fits 64 kilobytes) this seems to change. There are two sides for me to give high marks in a given production: one, the general narrative and art direction, and two, the pushing of technical boundaries. Fermi Paradox excels in both.

Urs Ganse of Mercury shares some interesting details regarding the future of demoscene productions:

We are using actual material parameters…and a pretty physical model of our camera. And the resulting images seem very realistic. While physically based rendering has now been around for some years, this mindset, ‘don’t fake it, do it correctly’ is only slowly beginning to take foot. I think we will be in for more surprises in the future.