Thoughts and observations after seeing Rogue One

I like Star Wars. Always have.

Last year I wrote that Force Awakens was good cinema. This year, after seeing Rogue One, I left the theatres unimpressed. While the visuals were gorgeous, the references to the original movies impeccable, the directing and story was boring as hell.

The franchise starts to look like what Battlefield/Assassins Creed are in video games or any of the superhero movies: year after year, predictably, something new comes along, with even better graphic and even more “tests” as to what will predictably work with a wide demographic. In Rogue One this is so clear, it just makes me sad.

I do not feel the same with Nintendo, for instance. I have good faith that the next Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, will have a lot of interesting concepts and entertainment that will provide a lot of excitement and gameplay hours. Nintendo has always put the core gameplay first. It has got to work. It has got to be fun. I could also name Pixar, whose movies traditionally are all exceptionally well written and funny.

Rogue One, on the other hand, didn’t want to be a good Star Wars movie. Sure, you would think that everything was there, the dogfights, practical effects, all the references to the originals, but if you discount those what will you have? Shallow characters, weak story and bad directing.

Take the last shot for example. Darth Vader is two corridors away, slaying down rebels while they pass along the laserdisc with the plans, while Leia is chill as fuck looking out the window? And I supposed to believe that this very vessel, that Darth even saw depart, will come back in the opening scene of the New Hope and Vader and Leia act as if none of this would have happened? Come on.

I also have doubts whether telling the story of Rogue One could work in a 130 minute format. I could see this work in the animated series, but here, in such a limited time, trying to convey so much, is just too challenging. I failed to see characters, I only saw costumes.

I’m not saying it wasn’t worth seeing, but what I do say is that I had hard time to connect with this movie. I feel it was bad precedent with the franchise and Disney is on a great track to level it with the bland superhero movies.