Super Mario Odyssey moon count

How big is Super Mario Odyssey? How many moons are really there? Been wondering about this since got my copy back in October. Finally I have the answer! Took me around 20 hours to complete the game, and 65 more to true 100% it. There were a lot of nasty moons in there, played several weekends to complete the last 10 moons including the usual stupid adorable minigames. Everything is doable, it just requires practice and after a while you’ll figure out a good strategy.

There are 14 different kingdoms in the game, some small, some big. Three more kingdoms are to be discovered on top of that. You can collect 581 (75,0%) moons in the game and 194 (25,0%) post game. These add up to 775.

Out of the 775 moons 22 count as 3 (multi-moon), therefore the total number on the Odyssey’s sail adds up to 819. On top of that there are 61 moons which you get by completing certain achievements, which brings the counter to 880. If you reach this, the sail will turn to gold. You even get to replay the final Bowser fight with slightly tweaked settings.

To max out the counter on the sail, you need to purchase additional 119 moons which will bring the counter to 999 and the sail will reach its final size. At this point a giant cap on top of Peach’s castle will appear with some animation playing should you climb it. (Note that in each kingdom with a shop, the first moon purchased will be listed as “Shopping in [kingdom name]” individual moon.)

To sum it up:

1. 775 moons
2. 61 achievement moons

Interested in the complete moon list? Here is my sheet.

Exceptional platformer game, lots of great moments, detail and care – I just recommend it for everyone. I might even replay it at some point, but for now I’m looking into other gaming projects. (I have to pick up again Majoras 3DS, Metroid 3DS, Zelda Breath just to name three that I want to finish really bad before moving on to Skyrim on the Switch.)