Ura Zelda

I think I finally lost my mind.

I mean I liked the Zelda games, started and played most of them, but as things are, I never truly finished them. There were a couple of exceptions though: I almost maxed out the Minish Cap (but didn’t have notes and a Kinstone fusion was missing), then truly maxed out Oracle of Seasons and Ages. It was a very definitive moment in my gaming life. Yet, when Majora’s Mask came in 2015, I stopped playing it at some point. I also stopped playing Wind Waker HD in 2013. This is the usual gamer, you start something, then you don’t finish it.


However, however. When Twilight Princess HD came along in 2016, I completed it. Not only that, I maxed it out along with the new Cave of Shadows dungeon (which is just waves of different enemies, really). It was fun and a great experience. You know, the kind where it’s hard and you need to retry the part over and over and over and over again. But you finally succeed and it’s AMAZING!

Then it was time for me to revisit Wind Waker HD. I picked up my old savegame from three years back, and despite the fact that I’d forgotten everything, I got back into it and not only did I finish it, but I maxed it out. That meant completing the game once again, from beginning to end, with all minigames, figurines, and everything. To my standards it was a crazy ride, but a very satisfactory one.

After this I picked up Majora’s Mask 3DS and did the same feat: not only did I complete the game, but I once again maxed it out, all hearts, sidequests, fishing holes are now done. (Note: in the mean time Breath of the Wild came along and I started playing it on the Wii U and stopped.)

After Majora’s I had to decide where I wanted to go next.

The obvious choice was Breath of the Wild on the Switch. I even bought the game, but yet something was telling me my Zelda destiny is somewhere else. In 2011 I bought Ocarina of Time 3DS and completed it (and even maxed it out, but as I see now a final heart piece is missing). The game contains the Master Quest also which I’ve always wanted to play, but never did. So I thought maybe I should play that next. But if I did, I had to play Ocarina, in this new game mode, which is harder, from scratch. Something wasn’t right.

I then realized my destiny: I need to replay and max out a fresh copy of Ocarina of Time, so it all comes back to me, and when that is done, I need to do experience Master Quest. I mean, we’re talking about one of the best video game of all time, right?

So here I am, at 41 years of age, replaying a fucking game from 2011, which I have completed almost to the fullest, and when that’s done, I’ll replay it one more time where the whole gameworld is inverted and dungeons are even harder. And oh, yes, did I mention there is also a fishing minigame that needs to get completed? And a boss challenge mode and a boss gauntlet?