re: An IoT story

Matt Haughey has an intelligent scale which records and sends your weight data to a cloud. Based on weight the scale takes a guess to match it to different profiles. Turns out Matt found almost like a 100 different data points that didn’t match anyone in the household—it was the cleaning lady, for years. Matt wanted to tell her:

I wanted to apologize, explain how it happened, how it was a big accident, and that it was information I wished I didn’t have.

Now, the interesting part is the last bit: I didn’t have. At this point upon first reading I’d assumed he just wanted to tell the lady not to use his personal belongings. His explanation was a little different though:

The next week when our house cleaner arrived to clean our bathrooms, I took her aside and explained that my bathroom scale was connected to the internet and tracking everyone that steps on it. I learned through a software update that it was tracking her too for years, and I was deeply sorry for that.

He was sorry because he was tracking the cleaning ladys data unbeknownst to her.