The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free

Title is by Nathan J Robinson who in his recent piece highlighted this trend with detailed examples.

There is another angle here and a sad development affecting journalism in Hungary: the biggest online news site,, has been a victim of forces wanting to change what editors will and can write. After letting the editor in chief go, the whole editorial office collectively resigned.

Who knows what those people will do now. To start a successful business in the current political and media landscape is going to be incredibly difficult. Most of the advertisement spend in the country is controlled by state owned companies that can and will influence who can survive and who cannot. The demise of index was also this.

Should it launch, I will support financially the surviving website not only because I believe public discourse should have voices on the non-governing side, but because all these people with families and mortgages chose their professional integrity over ass kissing. It was an extremely bold move and I have nothing but respect for them.

Another online publication, formed by ex-index journalists in 2013,, also struggles financially because of the same reasons. They already have a reader supported program. I donated today and you should do it, too.