About me and my site

Hi, this is the old-school personal blog of József Schaffer (LinkedIn, Twitter), Lead Product Designer at Mapillary. I’m originally from Hungary, but now I live in Sweden with my wife and two kids.

I worked as a Product Designer at Prezi, and before that, EPAM, but started my career designing one of the well known news/portal site in Hungary, Index.hu.

I started writing online a long time ago in 2001, when I was 24 years old. The topics have varied greatly over the years, I used to take obnoxious photos of myself or post something someone said (without their approval), nowadays I tend to post about my nerd interests (graphic design, Macs, Nintendo, Commodore 64). This site has been up since 2006. The posts prior to this are now long gone, but in 2012, with some outside help, we restored a portion of the posts from 2002-2004. During the fall of 2015 I switched to write exclusively in English.

Some of my projects:

  • You On My Mind – I tried myself out at bringing an idea to life. Yomm is a messaging app where you make contact with someone when you hold your fingers against your phone’s screen. I helped design the product and also invested in the company, but left the project when I started at Mapillary. Yomm was released in 2016, and it is, to my knowledge, still working.
  • Csoki tools – popular command line tools for Mac in case you don’t want to install a package manager (seldom updated)
  • Plastik nyelvi eszközök – together with Szotyi we made it easy to install the Hungarian-English spell checker and dictionary for OS X (discontinued)
  • Heti Meteor – a weekly podcast with my friend, Balázs “FB2” Fejes (we produced 131 episodes)

Last updated: 09/02/2017