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Metroid II

This weekend I finished playing Metroid II for the Game Boy on my 3DS. The idea was that I complete this game before Metroid: Samus Returns (remake of this) comes out in September.

The original came out in 1991, when I started high scool at the age of 14. I didn’t play it back then, never had the Nintendo Game Boy. This metroid can feel weird at first, because the main sprite is a little too large compared to the tiny screen, but the game is all right. Here is my end screen:

What a game!

Had it not been for the save/reload console state at the emulator (my actual game time was around 10 hours), or the fact that Nintendo Power published maps in 1992, I wouldn’t have been able to finish it in a reasonable time. Although the game is largely linear, it doesn’t have an automap feature so you need to draw something on your own. It’s actually crucial as there are parts which largely resemble each other and easy to get bogged down in the backtrack hell. I also cheated at the final boss fight and read up on the easiest strategy plus watched a couple of videos on YouTube. With this arsenal I made it!

I can’t even fathom to imagine what it’d have been in 1991 to play this game as a 14 year old kid. Figuring this game out on your own would’ve been just too much trial and error.

Games back then were hard, man.

Fabular: A Medieval Space Folktale with Action-RPG and Roguelike influences

Fabular is going to be a fine indie space game with axes! The mechanics reminded me of Star Control, but the art is much more interesting and there are other gameplay elements to make it even better. Here is the trailer:

This game is special, because it’s being developed by one of my friends and the team is crazy small: they’re only three people. I’m in a constant awe how they were even able to pull off what they have. I remember last April, when Milan B. showed me the game at a birthday party, it was merely a concept. I wished him good luck and that was about it. Then a year passed and about month ago they launched the Kickstarter campaign. I was impressed!

There are only 3 days left to fund Fabular and they’re a mere £4359 short of their initial 25k ask. I have only once supported a project in Kickstarter but this will be my second one.

update: Successfully raised £26,093 with 1,102 backers

Catching the Hylian Loach in Twilight Princess HD

Over the weekend I completed The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD to 100%. I acquired everything this game offers and had a terrific time playing it for two months. The last thing I had to do is complete the fishing minigame (with the 64 rollgoal levels) and the very last collectible was catching the legendary Hylian Loach. I spent the whole weekend trying to do this – I eventually succeeded.

I got so enthusiastic that I also had to make a tutorial video. While struggling with the Loach, I couldn’t find a decent one on the internet, especially not for the Wii U HD remaster. Here it is:

I really come to like this game, the HD version is amazing. It offers an entirely new dungeon experience, called the Cave of Shadows, which is not a traditional dungeon, but one where you need to fight interesting enemy combinations in wolf form. When I first heard about it, I scoffed, but in hindsight, it was perfect, challenging and rewarding.

Then it was time for the fishing minigame: you need to catch 4 fish to fill your fish journal, then lure fish the same types in the Fishing Hole. I spent 20% of my time catching everything but the Loach and 80% trying to get him. We’re talking hours. Most of the time, when I got his interest, it went away and I was like this:

Or rather like this:

Looking back, I can’t even believe I did it, but then again, this challenge made me appreciate the whole minigame and, as with many minigames in the series, you really understand the game mechanics when you catch the hardest.

This photo almost feels like real now:

FWIW, Here is a list for bobber fishing and where to find them:

Greengill, Hyrule Bass – go to the Hole, it’s easy from the banks
Hylian Pike – at Lake Hylia, just outside the spring there are a few
Hylian Loach – at Lake Hylia Howling Stone, there is a dig spot with many inside the cave
Ordon Catfish – at Ordon village, cast from the mill

Cool. I will now 100% the Wind Waker which I left to rot back in 2014.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0

I’ve always wondered how you can actually start playing Star Citizen, what state the game is in. Here are two recent videos that explain the onboarding for newbies quite well, I recommend watching them both:

1. Star Citizen new player tutorial
2. Star Citizen Alpha tutorial and guide

You get to buy large ships!

The level of immersion is astounding. To recap, right now there is an “Area Commander” mode in the game, where you get to fly ships and dogfight against other players or AI. “Star Marine” is also a playable alpha component, here you get to play the FPS part which is basically just a sandboxed arena shooter with multiple game modes.

Later on there will be a single player story mode called Squadron 42, which is under development, and a persistent game world where everything comes together. Here you get to be whatever want to be and start building up your career, or as Chris Roberts say, “citizenship“.

Poochy Ain’t Stupid

Finally I was also able to beat this level. I’m not playing as good as this guy above, and I’m sure I’d spent so much more lives than he has, but today I was able to 100% the level. This warrants a blog post, right? 😀 What makes this level hard is the dog. You can’t control him, and it takes a while to understand the behaviour. Instead of the guy who named this level I think sometimes the dog can get stupid, ie. after the green Bullet Bill where you need to drop down on top of the dogs head and there is no way to make sure it’ll be where you want it to be.

Thoughts on the full Aperture Robot Repair Vive VR Demo

The video answers what Valve is up to these days. They’re doing VR stuff. I’m sure Half Life 3 will be out supporting this format.

Which, I guess, I don’t mind, but I’m still not sure if I want to experience games this way only. This technology is definitely hot and, based on accounts who’d played this demo above, runs at a framerate where it immerses you. Yet, I’m not convinced.

My question is whether I’ll be able to play the game the conventional way, where I don’t have to “motion control” the game. My only experience of games this kind was playing Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Wii. There were points where I had to wave my hands at certain points to advance in the game. It was sort of “ok”, but I’m sure the whole gameplay experience would have been the same without it.

Here you need to move your head constantly. You need to explore spaces, have two dingus in your hand and wave them constantly. You’ll need to have a designated space in your apartment to be able to play otherwise you’ll end up accidentally destroying your living room. (Remember when the Wii was out and there had been all these reports on broken controllers and TV sets? And it was only a controller. This one is two of these kinds, plus you don’t see anything in your real world.)

I’m worried that the next Portal game will be released only for this very expensive hardware.


The guys over at Hipster Whale who’d developed one of the better games on iOS, Crossy Road, now teamed up with Bandai-Namco Games to develop a new Pac-Man game called Pac-Man 256. It’s an endless runner in Pac-Man world with a couple of creative ideas. Here is the launch trailer:

The game is free to play, but includes in-app purchase items. About the business model and the developers intention why they wanted to break away from Crossy Road, there is a good article over at

Final Fantasy VII is out on the App Store

Mac Rumors:

Square Enix released a long-awaited port of Final Fantasy VII for iOS devices. (…) The iOS port of the game includes a virtual on-screen controller that’s “designed not to obscure the action.” It offers virtual analog or fixed 4-way digital control pad options and the opacity of the on-screen controls is adjustable. Also new to the iOS version of the game is an option to turn off enemy encounters in area maps and a Max Stats command to “become all-powerful in the blink of an eye.”

This game came out in 1997 and was an all time favorite of mine. Played with the PC port. Never really finished it, got stuck after the first CD. Back then jRPG’s made you to level up extensively in order to be able to beat certain bosses. Problem is, nothing told you that and I thought I’m stuck there forever. So I’m looking forward to this port although touch controls, meh. But here is the kicker:

Final Fantasy VII is compatible with the iPhone 5s or later, the third-generation iPad or later, and the iPad mini 2 or later

Nothing in my posession is able to play that. 🙂

I might as well just wait for the “finally announced” remake which was finally announced this E3:

Rendered videos, cheesy “Spirits Within” aesthetics, what else could I wish for?

Checkpoint 11. adás

Megjelent a magyar nyelvű retro gaming podcast, a Checkpoint 11. adása. Már régebben is meg szerettem volna említeni Grath és Stöki IDDQD-ből kinőtt egyébként egészen kíváló podcastjét, viszont a mostani alkalom kifejezetten ideális, hiszen én voltam a meghívott vendégük. A felvétel az Inforádió stúdiójában készült, Grath pedig kis ajándékkal is kedveskedett, mert épp akkor tért haza Japánból. A téma alapvetően a Nintendo, ezzel kapcsolatos gaming közeli élményeket vitatjuk meg, de van néhány játékpiaccal kapcsolatos aktualitás is. Jó szórakozást hozzá és iratkozzatok fel rájuk, mert érdemes.

Firewatch E3 trailer

The game was announced in March 2014 with a tentative release date of “2015”. (…) In June of 2015, the team visited E3 and confirmed that they would be bringing the game to Playstation 4 as a console exclusive. (…) During their most recent interview, they confirmed they would announce a release date soon.

Nem szerezhetek be a játék miatt egy PS4-et. Egyébként ez a cucc Portal méretűt fog szólni.

update: Cabel Sasser írja:

We’ve already announced that Firewatch will be coming first to the Mac and PC. (And at WWDC we announced that the Mac version will support Metal for ultimate performance and fidelity! We’re really excited about this.)

Alto’s Adventure (iOS)

Eleinte nem gondoltam túl sokat erről a játékról. Valójában azért vettem meg, mert “jól nézett ki a grafikája”. Az első néhány perc nem győzött meg arról, hogy tartalmas szórakozásnak nézek elébe ezzel az endless runnerral. Viszont a korábbi favorit Crossy Roaddal ellentétben itt van olyan kihívás, ami hosszabb távon is értékelhetővé tette.

A játék maga egy snowboardos, hatalmas atmoszférájú, csodaszép, bár érzésem szerint picit apró betűkből álló, egygombos endless runner. Egyetlen hátra szaltót tudunk csinálni, illetve ugrani. Négyféle módon halhatunk meg:

1. sikertelen szaltó (nem talpra érkezünk)
2. beleesünk egy szakadékba
3. belezúgunk valami tereptárgyba (kő, vagy tábortűz)
4. elkap minket egy lovagló elder

Van a pályán elszórva pénz, amit lehet gyűjteni, meg lámák szaladgálnak, amiket vagy elkapunk, vagy nem. Minden sikeres szaltó gyorsít a sebességünkön, amit kimaxolva szép dinamikával lehet már haladni. Amíg gyorsan haladunk, shieldet kapunk, ilyenkor a köveket szét tudjuk zúzni. Vannak házak, meg railek, amikre felugrálva még több pontot tudunk szerezni, főleg akkor, ha szaltóval kombináljuk, vagy railről railre ugrunk szaltóval stb.

És erre az egészre rájön egy csomó kihívás:

– a játékban van pénzmágnes: amíg tart a hatása, addig ránk repül a sárga pénz, ami mellett elhaladunk
– van benne mágikus toll is: amíg tart a hatása, addig átrepülünk a kövek felett és a sikertelen szaltóba sem tudunk belehalni.
– a játékpénzből lehet vásárolni pénzmágnes és toll maxolásokat, illetve viszonylag drágán egy Wing Suitot is, amivel big air ugrások közben szabadon tudunk nagyjából repkedni
– mindig ad 3 feladatot, aminek teljesítésével szinteket lépünk és 10 szintenként unlockolunk egy-egy újabb karaktert

Nincs benne in-app purchase, bagóba kerül, jó a hangulata, mi kell még?

A szerző a poszt publikáláskor éppen aktuális rekordja

Nálam az első reveláció akkor jött, amikor kinyitottam az első karaktert. Jé, ez gyorsan tud szaltózni (ám rohadt lassú a havon eleinte, vagy ha nem vagyunk gyorsak még egy egyszerű chasm jump sem jön össze). Innentől újabb dolgok nyíltak meg előttem. Aztán nagyjából innen kezdtem el szisztematikusan rámenni a 3 gólra. Most a 31. szinten vagyok, már csak az utolsó egység feathert kell megvennem és mindent megvásároltam. Persze van még kb. ugyanennyi szint benne, kíváncsi vagyok, a lelkesedés kitart-e addig.

Nagyon ajánlom minden pocket game barátnak.

Building a cheat bot for Kuru Kuru Kururin

Matt Shepcar:

As a fun hacking project over Christmas I wrote a program to play Kuru Kuru Kururin for me. (Coincidentally, Nintendo re-released the game on the WiiU Virtual Console on Christmas Day.) A few people thought it was interesting so here’s how I did it including all the gory details of poring over the inner workings of a game by studying its code and data.

A poszt csak az első rész, de agyeldobás cool, és tök jó, hogy vannak, akik ennyi időt tudnak szánni ilyesmire. Ugyanitt kiderült, hogy a no$gba emulátor még mindig aktívan fejlődik.