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App Store and new Google Play badges for Sketch

I finally updated my old badges with the new Google Play logo and color theme. If you’re a Sketch user, you may find this useful as this is a version that you can start working with. Uses the same sizes for both versions. Origin story: last year I was struggling to find a decent version for reuse. Google only offers a shitty EPS file. (Good luck getting that one into Sketch with the proper RGB color gradients.)

You can download the Sketch file from below. Enjoy!


Sketch 3.7.2 wrongly calculates combined shapes’ shadows

Here is an icon:

Let’s turn the fill off. What should we see? The outline cast shadow inside, bottom cast unchanged. Yet, the cast shadow renders at a different value:

Turning off or deleting the fill doesn’t matter. Actually, when the fill is applied, the Y Offset for the shadow gets halved, on the first screenshot it’s 1 pixel (instead of set 2).

According to my testing, this only happens if we have combined shapes. If I have a simple path with a fill, a stroke and a shadow, it’ll play out as expected. You can download the test .sketch at the end of this post.

My previous bug report from February still remains unfixed in 3.7.2. πŸ™ Now I have two reported bugs. The plot thickens. update 170102: this has been fixed

update 20160519:

Sketch bugs related to vectorizing strokes

Here is a bug that you can reproduce in 3.5.2 Sketch, the current version:

1. Create a circle, make it any size you want (I made mine 200px)

2. Set a centered stroke on the object (20px)

3. Set the ends to “Curved” and create a dashed line, eg:

4. “Layer – Paths – Vectorize Stroke” In later versions: “Layer – Convert to Outlines”, but this doesn’t change the result

Now, here comes the part that is buggy. If you were to edit this vectorized path and hit “Edit”, the object will be selected like this:

The bottom anchor point will only have one handle, will say it’s “Disconnected”. The only thing you can do to restore the normal functionality is to “Finish Editing”, then re-edit the path again:

If you clicked at the bottom point, it will have its proper two handles that you can work with. Took me a couple of tries to figure this one out.

Additional bonus: if you follow the same process, but set the stroke either to be on the inside, or outside, the vectorize stroke function will not work properly in either cases. If you have a stroke looking on the inside, you can get to an expected result by deleting and recoloring layers that had been created, but if the stroke looked on the outside, it will be a mess.

To sum it up: vectorizing strokes in case of dashed lines does not seem to function correctly and depending on where your strokes had been aligned to, leaves you with various, unexpected results.

update 2017.01.02: this works fine in Version 41.2 (35397)

New stuff in Sketch 3.4

The update is finally out. Here are the parts from the changelog that caught my attention:

You can now create a quick mask for a selected bitmap just by clicking the Mask button in the toolbar

I thought maybe you can apply a gradient to the mask only, which then will result in fade effect, but that didn’t work. πŸ™ Am I missing something?

– Measuring distances between layers now also works with ⌘ (Command) to drill down into groups
– You can now Option-hover layers in the Layer List to measure distances between it and the selected layer

This is very cool, measurement got better.

– Improved Background Blur rendering
– Background-blurred layers no longer have white edges

Better but at the edges it still gets halo.

– Added the ability to drag embedded SVG images directly from the browser into Sketch
– Scrollbar in the layer list no longer obscures the hide/lock icons
– New gradients are now based on the current fill colour
– The Color Picker correctly highlights identical colors among the presets


In 3.4 when the color picker is selected you cannot zoom the canvas any more. Which is better than what it used to be, because previously it completely fucked up the zooming.

Also they made improvements to the hierarchy drag and drop. This time we have an Apple Mail-like visual clue where the drop will happen.

As a user of the software I think these tweaks made it better, but I’m interested in their longer term plans, especially what they think of prototyping interactions or designing with constraints.