Mode X

Michael Abrash: Latency – the sine qua non of AR and VR

In December of 1989, I remember I was rolling Mode 0×13’s aspect ratio around in my head on and off for days, thinking how useful it would be if it could support square pixels. It felt like there was a solution there, but I just couldn’t tease it out. One afternoon, my family went to get a Christmas tree, and we brought it back and set it up and started to decorate it. For some reason, the aspect ratio issue started nagging at me, and I remember sitting there for a minute, watching everyone else decorate the tree, phased out while ideas ran through my head, almost like that funny stretch of scrambled thinking just before you fall asleep. And then, for no apparent reason, it popped into my head:

Treat it like a 16-color mode.

Remek olvasmány (bár az AR/VR latency témakörben), ezúttal a Mode X bevezetőjével, ami a ’90-es évek elejének egyik hatalmas VGA programozási divathulláma volt. Ha elolvassuk a 47-49 fejezeteket Abrash Graphics Programming Black Bookból, az is kiderül, hogy nem Abrash volt az egyetlen, aki rájött a dologra, viszont ő volt az, aki a saját maga felfedezte tudást közkinccsé tette.