Even more Google logo nerdery

265 bytes:

<svg fill=none stroke-width=3><path d=M56,16a6,6,0,1,0,0,.01 stroke=#fb0 /><path d=M78,0v23 stroke=#3a5 /><path d=M18,4a10,10,0,1,0,4,8h-10M73,16a6,6,0,1,0,0,1m0-8v16a6,6,0,0,1-10,4 stroke=#48f /><path d=M39,16a6,6,0,1,0,0,.01M94,19a6,6,0,1,1,0-6l-10,5 stroke=#e43>

The inline SVG displays as:

Don’t try to drag and drop directly to a vector editing software, only the browsers are able to render malformed markup like this. Since there is no artboard defined, enjoy the blank space above this paragraph. 🙂

/via @fgnass