Why exactly had Marco Arment pulled Peace from the App Store?

I was listening to Accidental Tech Podcast #136 – War and Peace, because Marco revealed that he’s going to shed some light on why he’d pulled his content blocker “Peace” app from the App Store.

If you’re not interested in the various angles of the ad market, how it works, implications, technical background and general courtesy and diplomacy from co-hosts Casey and John, listening to it seems like a waste of time. A couple of things though:

1. The general audience will never know what exactly went down between Marco and different opposing parties. All that was revealed is he didn’t want to be in the position he’s found himself in, being the face of ad blocking. But why that was such a terrible place to be in, and what happened during these two days, we will never know.

2. He did say that he’s gotten several requests on how to change his app to conform with the biz etc. This doesn’t seem too serious or threatening. Definitely not something from which you’d pull your very successful app in just two days.

3. An interesting aside: he also revealed that he asked John Gruber about whether he should pull the app and he was adamant that Marco shouldn’t. Marco pulled it regardless and this could also be a possible explanation on why Gruber didn’t even link to Marco during this, once.

Marco has been in the media biz for some time now, he’s used to comments and critiques. What he revealed on the show mustn’t have been an issue for him. From what I can deduct though, is that he’s received serious threats on a scale that was unbearable to the point where he promptly reversed his actions.