Did Apple really make a stylus?

“If you see a stylus, they blew it.” – Steve Jobs, 2010

Now that the iPad Pro is shipping with one, this question needed to be answered. And there is an answer, given by Tim Cook to the Independent:

“Well, we didn’t really do a stylus, we did a Pencil. The traditional stylus is fat, it has really bad latency so you’re sketching here and it’s filling the line in somewhere behind. You can’t sketch with something like that, you need something that mimics the look and feel of the pencil itself or you’re not going to replace it. We’re not trying to replace finger touch, we’re complementing it with the Pencil.”

It makes perfect sense: manipulating the UI with touch is one thing, but for creative professionals you need a lag free, palm-rejecting, pressure sensitive pencil. I’d just mention one more thing: I still could imagine a cheaper pencil for text or quick sketch drawing even on my iPhone. But I guess it will also come as an extra accesory.