Thoughts on Hyper-reality

Keiichi Matsuda made this video that shows what a mixed-reality world could look and work like:

The graphic design is vivid, crazy and pops all the time. To the fresh eye it’s very chaotic and is very difficult to comprehend what’s going on, but that lasts only for a couple of seconds and suddenly you immerse in the rich interactions and visuals. It’s not very hard to draw a parallel line between the user in the video and one who has a miriad of apps installed on their Mac. If we showed a video of that Mac screen to someone living in 1981 the effect would exactly be the same.

At 3:50 in the narrative the AR device is being restarted, so you get to see how many layers were composited on top of the original footage:

If you notice there is a fake ceiling in the AR version of this scene. What is the extension of actual structures are good for? If you’re walking on the street and you see people with augmented objects around them, your senses get confused after a while and you might end up doing things that can end up in potential danger. In the video the AR shows incoming traffic on the street with expressive visuals, but I see this something working the other way around in practice:

What if some visual obscures real traffic on a busy street like this? Seeing stuff appearing around people on the street you won’t even be able to walk among people. By forcefully pushing the line from real to augmented you’ll inevitably end up creating real chaos. Then again, this is nothing different than having many apps running at the same time.